Thursday, September 30, 2010


Y'all, all I can say is that I hope The Misfit Cygnet is satire.

Really, really good satire.

Please god. Let it be satire.


  1. i can't stop looking! it is so fascinating!

  2. WTF is "Ark Culture"? I read through some of the posts tagged as that...and I am so confused.

  3. Oh--Diana, I've no fucking idea.

  4. Yeah, that post blew the top of my head open. Boudoir photos that only your husband sees are pornographic? How do these people manage to procreate if EVERYTHING sex-related is bad? How do you justify maintaining a boner long enough to knock someone up if anything that causes an erection is evil?

  5. It's awfully subtle if it's satire. But it's awfully hard to take seriously at the same time. I mean, those Old Spice commercials are pornography?!

  6. Damn it Lisa, I just added another email membership and all I got were fake porn I doubt even a 13 year-old pubescent TJ would have found those stimulating.

    And that is so NOT satire.

  7. psssh, diana, the photographer sees the pictures, too. duh.

    as for getting it on, i imagine she and her husband first have a prayer, followed by him giving her a blessing, that she might orgasm.

    oh god, i just got an awesome idea. /snort

    also, he's a man. he can only do so much to control his desires, so i imagine he's thinking of something inappropriate in order to get the motor running. not like she can give him a blessing that he might get it up. that's not going through the proper channels.

    bwahahaha! oh, my mind. forgive me, i am 12 years old.

    kuri: yeah, i wrote "subtle" and then i deleted it. it's subtle if it is, but i still hope it is. what can i say, i'm an optimist.

    TJ: doood, don't you get it? yr spirit has been desensitized. it takes some hardcore shit now to get you going. those lds boudoir photos, thems gateway drugs.

  8. What is "Ark Culture"? This blog has my mind all like "Is this for real?" it's very confusing and bizarre.

  9. I have no doubt that website is for real. I've been there a few times and each time I needed a hot bath and a brillo pad to scrub off the self-righteous ick.

  10. Dude, Lisa, she is SO not having orgasms. Sex is for reproduction. She probably also offers herself as a sperm receptacle so he won't look too closely at the ladies on CSI.

  11. I am with Chandelle. I spent something like 10 minutes there and I already have thrown up.

    That shit, it is not satire. Indeed, it stinketh, and it representeth the worst that is LDS culture.

    Re: Ark Culture - Per the site, "Ark culture is a bad Xerox of the mainstream, not a truly distinctive or separate achievement. Without the courage to lead, it numbly follows, picking up the major media’s scraps and gluing them back together with a cross on top. — taken from "The Marketing of Evil""

    I am pretty sure that by "LDS Ark Culture" she really means "LDS consumer culture". Like those "modest" t-shirts that they sell all over Utah that are uber-tight and curvacious but show no cleavage, have cap sleeves, and cover the midrift.