Wednesday, September 22, 2010

God Truly Cares

I am so humbled this day.

See, I've had a pretty stressful week. It doesn't take much to make me crazy stressful, but this week has done it. And it won't end until Sunday, at which time it'll start all over again because I will have yet another test to study for.

But today I needed a little pick-me-up. Starbucks didn't really come through for me. Too bitter. Old, or something. Not my regular store.

But you know, I strived to do my homework. I really strived. Fervently. And throughout my day, I had Lady Gaga on the brain. Telephone to be exact. Love that song. Especially the stop callin' stop callin' I don't wanna think anymore part. Those lines, they speak to me.

So I drop my boy off at preschool and have an immediate run in with uncharacteristic traffic. Sure I run into stupid cars sometimes, but this time it was time and time again. And red lights. And the promise of many mergings ahead of me. Then a class with a dickhead prof. More trials! I would bear them gratefully. And I would be blessed for not flipping off or yelling at the guy in front of me going five miles an hour /groaaan.

Anyways, I never--repeat never--turn on the radio. This twenty minutes of my day is my only silent time three days a week. I'm not big on the radio. But I turned it on because...

I had an impression.

Yes! It was the stillest, smallest voice. It nudged me. A voice nudged me to try the radio today. In fact, I think it even impressed me to think I wonder if they will play me some Gaga. Maybe even Telephone.

So I turn on the radio. It was on the '90s station (since when did the 90s need their own station?!), but I somehow intuitively knew which channel to pick. Number five. 107.9.

I swear to you, Telephone was the next fucking song they played.


So I turn 'er up and sing along, knowing I sound and look like a monkey while doing so. But OMG my prayers! I didn't even know I was saying them and they were answered!

I just had a wish, a little wish, a little hope in the middle of a stressful week and the LORD condescended to my little wish for a song. He cared so much about me (!!) that he was willing to ignore the starving African kids for a moment to bless me with some Gaga.

But then he poured me out some more blessings that I was almost not able to receive them because Lo! The next song came on and it was (drumroll)


Shit. You. Not.

I was in heaven, even the Celestial Kingdom.

It was so much better than my "lost my keys" story.


--AND--then the DJ guy was all "that was song number two! one more to go for free tickets to her concert at Arco [Arena] March 23rd!"


Suddenly, and for the first time in probably 10 years, I wanted to see a concert. I'd never before considered seeing Miss Gaga in concert. I could get a t-shirt!


And one more song!? For realsies? They played two in a row, and I wasn't quite at the college yet, maybe I'd hear number 3?

The next song began and it was one I wasn't familiar with. But that's okay, I thought, I don't know all of her songs. Maybe it was one of them. I kept this hope even through the dude who began the song. Maybe he was a collaborator? She did that, right? Beyonce, whoever that dude was on Poker Face, yanno.

But no. I listened to the whole fucking horrible song and it wasn't Gaga. Then the DJ guy came back and was all "you'll hear the third song sometime after 1 o'clock. Once you do, call in with the names of the three songs and you might win!"

Well, crap. Not that I had any inclination to call in, but I had class after 1 o'clock.

Still. I am blessed, for I heard Gaga on the radio today.


I cannot wait for Fast and Testimony Sunday.


  1. I love the Lady Gaga. I am completely inspired by this post to bear my testimony of the awesome power of Gaga to everyone I meet today.

    Well, maybe just my partner, who remains unconvinced of her gloriousness.

  2. I have a testimony that you're WAY more important to God than those starving African children. ; ) Because you're white and delightsome, don't you know. And you were more valiant during the preexistence. Gaga for the elect white people trumps nourishing starving brown and black children every time.