The Blog

I laugh now at the title of my blog. "Liberal Mormon That Could," as I was once referred to, was a bit of a shocker to faithful members who deigned to peek inside. After all, Mormons aren't liberal. It was a draw. Come see the future apostate, it's inevitable.

But liberal agnostic? Hardly a surprise. Perhaps if I was the conservative agnostic.

Yet I persisted.

This is a continuation of my last blog, The Liberal Mormon That Could. Some of you were probably readers, some of you even became my facebook friends. Others are people I've met elsewhere on the web. Some of you are new and I'm totally thrilled to have you :D

I am not interested in religious debate, just conversation. Not interested in proselytizing, but a freedom of exploration. Condemnations are not welcome. Threats of brimstone and fire will be regarded with distinct disinterest. Promises of eternal bliss and mansions and having my own spirit children and even an eternity of worshiping god aren't good enough carrots for this girl. If heaven is a place of naps and peace, love and family and happiness and freedom from guilt and bullshit, then sign me up. I've no interest in mansions or an eternity of church, thx.

Anyway, I intend to attempt to make sense of my beliefs and non-beliefs as they have evolved and as they are evolving. This will also include poking fun at church and being angry at church. I will also likely deviate from religious topics from time to time and talk politics or something else. Like books. I may also bitch about my personal life. Maybe.

It's my blog and I can say what I want to.

Really, I'm just looking for a safe place to be myself. As of this moment, August 2010, there's nowhere immediate where I feel completely comfortable doing that.

I hope that will change.