Friday, September 24, 2010

Mormon "Journalist" steps into the dark

McKay Collins of Deseret News' MormonTimes is reading Richard Bushmann's Rough Stone Rolling! Gasp!

An excerpt from his article:
...No prophet has ever been perfect, and human error doesn't disqualify someone from receiving divine revelation. Most Latter-day Saints know this intellectually, but we still sometimes feel uncomfortable with discussing the shortcomings of revelators.

While true, something tells me that like his fellow members, dear Mr. Collins doesn't quite comprehend the extent of his beloved prophet's imperfections. I wonder how he'll react to the whole "Joseph is a philanderer who liked to fuck 15 year old girls behind his beloved wife Emma's back" chapter. Eric and I tried to swallow and digest it, but our insides just couldn't do it. It didn't chase us away completely, but it sure made us think about it and that's all it takes at first. Real gen-u-ine thought.

Also, a Sunstone symposium class (discussion? what do they call it?) circa 2009 debunked many of the feel-better apologetic myths surrounding Joseph's love for the wimminz...I mean, "celestial marriage."

Collins further writes,
The fact is, the information-saturated world in which we live simply doesn't afford the luxury of willful ignorance. At some point during our lifetimes, we will most likely be confronted with half-truths regarding our faith's history. And it's much better to understand the full context of the quote or event in question than to be blindsided by it.

In other words, censorship is bad for the soul.

Oh, Mr. Collins. I do hope you are true to your words and don't recoil at the first "ewww" you find in Bushmann's book, because you will find them. Truth, not everyone who reads this book flails into apostasy (at least not right away), but it does do a number to that brain of yrs. Because, as we well learn in childhood, ignoring it doesn't necessarily make it go away. And I can promise you, this shit won't go away. Once you've read the words, especially after initially admitting to admiring Bushmann's writing and technique, you'll always be able to recall them and they just might cause you doubt, that stuff you're not supposed to have. Which leads to more.

There is a reason members find it difficult and uncomfortable to discuss their leader's shortcomings. Especially this particular leader.

This should be interesting.

*Note: I have a difficult time calling Collins and other Mormon journalists "journalists" simply because it's an oxymormon--er, oxymoron. Especially when they write for the MormonTimes section of Deseret News. Regulated truth isn't journalism. Apologetics isn't journalism. McKay's livelihood depends on his loyalty and ability to rationalize church skeletons or at least appear as if he is to avoid losing his job and/or church discipline. Truth isn't always pretty, and lord knows the church doesn't like anything that isn't pretty. Either way, Collins seems more of an opinion writer than journalist. Which is fine. But "journalist"? Bitch, please.

If true journalism was accepted in the church, we wouldn't have had the September Six (not journalists, I understand, but people who sought after truth). We wouldn't have had Cary Crall's letter to BYU's Daily Universe censored.

Let's call a spade a spade, huh?


  1. When the image of the Church takes precedence over the presentation of facts for open interpretation, it is NOT journalism.

    Side note: One of the most fascinating "anti" videos I watched was the 10 year anniversary reunion speeches (at Sunstone, I think) of the September Six. I would love for them to do another update in 2013.

  2. It's a good thing his gymnastics are mental. Otherwise he'd fer sher pull a groin muscle.