Religious Background

I'll try to keep it simple.

- Attended Catholic school from preschool to first grade

- Attended Baptist church for a few years. Didn't leave much of a mark.

- Attended an Assembly of God church on an irregular basis until high school with my father and stepmother.

- Spent high school very much against organized religion but still self-identified as Christian.

- Met Squeaky in August 1999, a girl who formally introduced me to the church. Very close friend. Doesn't seem we are any longer on speaking terms since I've expressed disenchantment with the LDS church. I'm actually okay with it now.

- Baptised in the LDS church in May 2000. Family rather upset.

- Married DILF (think "MILF"), a BIC returned missionary in 2002 in the Oakland Temple.

- In 2004 I began to really question the church for the first time when I finally confronted the reality of polygamy--how awful it must have been (and was) and how it is still preached in whispers and included in official doctrine.

- Prop 8 in 2008 broke the camel's back. Apparently "pray and find out for yourself" is only acceptable if the answers to your prayers are in harmony with what the prophet hath said.

- In 2008 I began my blog, The Liberal Mormon That Could, with the initial (albeit intellectually dishonest but well-intentioned) intent to disprove the widely-held assertion that one couldn't be liberal and LDS. Though I still believe this (in a political sense) I soon realized my patience for church politics, doctrine, and culture was gone and the blog became a place for me to explore my questions, frustration, and angst.

- In 2009 we stopped attending church all together (with the exception of family events like blessings, etc). I did attend an Emergent church with a friend out in Austin (there's no such thing around here--I think people would lose their shit)--but I liked it. BYOM (bring your own mug--coffee and chatting before services) and songs that, to others, would borderline on blasphemy. But I really enjoyed it. Later we'd try a Unitarian Church. I know a lot of post-Mormons really enjoy the UUs, and perhaps we attended the wrong one or just on the wrong day, but it simply was not for us. We've given up.

- It's now 2011 and I think I lean more atheist than agnostic now...which is annoying, given the blog title.