Saturday, September 11, 2010

Who's the Devil?

It's weird what things surprise you with how happy they make you.

Just as Eric opened the door to leave for the store, Abbie asked him where he was going.

"To hell," he said.


"To see the devil."

"Who's the devil?"

"God we're good parents!" he said.

He was jesting, but yeah, pretty much. That made my afternoon to discover my kids don't know who the devil is and that I could explain him away and tell my daughter he doesn't exist.



  1. But if you don't teach your kids about Teh Adversary, how will they ever learn to avoid him?


  2. Eh, we're not a big threat to Voldemort anymore, seeing as we've fallen for his wiles.

    He's more interested in faithful, loyal Mo's, so I figure we're good.

  3. Dude! Why did you delete those Articles of Faith? They were awesome!

  4. They posted without my permission! Now they're ready...enough. Even though I'll be working on them still lol

    but thanks :D