Wednesday, September 15, 2010

patriotism = god

Just because I don't know yet how to take a proper screenshot to send to STFU Believers, I wanted to share this with y'all.

A friend on Facebook wrote this status the other day:

I pledge allegiance to my Flag and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. - Francis Bellamy, as originally written in 1892

Knowing this guy's politics pretty well and resting assured he knows how I feel, I replied:

Wow. You really don't love your country.

A woman responded:

No but he loves all the freedom it brings him. (;


I just...just..


You gotta acknowledge god in order to love your country?

I was just joking.

She wasn't. And the terrifying/sad thing about it is that she's not alone.

I mean, seriously.

These sentiments presented and pushed by people like the unofficial prophet Glenn Beck and his fellow tea baggers just freak me the fuck out.

Turn back to god, they say. That'll save our country.


I don't want your god running my country. He's a fucking power-hungry, narcissistic, racist, hate-filled, misogynistic, privileged lunatic if you people are in any way representative.



  1. "Turn back to god, they say. That'll save our country."

    Yes, can we please bring back all the good old fashioned sexual repression, racism, and misogyny? Remember the good old days when you could rape and beat your wife and nobody threw a hissy fit over it [pun intended]? And when it was totes cool to praise Jesus for the violent death of black men who dared to court on white girls? Can we please please please have all that back??

  2. Oh that and more! I know!

    And better, let's bring back the days where girls who became pregnant were shamed/sent away and forced to have illegal, back-door abortions that killed them. Let's pretend none of that bad stuff ever happened--i mean, good stuff. Girls never became pregnant. Men never beat them. They grew up in pretty dresses with pretty smiles and married men they would dote over with fresh makeup, slippers, and dinner on command with a smile.

    Let's pretend history never included violent Christian persecution of other faiths (hi, Joseph Smith, what's that you say? you know the trinity isn't true?)


    And let's also forget about child-labor atrocities, men who worked in mines and were barely compensated for it except for "company money" (or whatever it was called) that trapped them into work that would eventually kill them.

    No unions, that was awesome.

    Let's just pretend everyone is happy all the time because god forbid we ever express any discontent. Leave it to Beaver, folks! Just Leave it to Beaver!

    (please disregard the glaring dirty joke setup there)

    Yeah, sounds like fucking paradise. I want to believe in that anti-progressive god, too.

  3. People who think that "turning to God" will solve all of the country's problems are usually too lazy to examine those problems in depth. Large-scale problems require well-reasoned responses, not childlike dependence on a sky father.

  4. I've posted on this theme a couple of times. Frankly, it scares me that a significant portion of our country really believes one has to believe in an invisible Sky Daddy -- that arbitrary asshole no one has ever met or talked to -- to be considered patriotic.

    God has been blamed/attributed for everything from invading Iraq to Sarah Palin becoming McCain's running mate. Mmk, so where is this God so I can ask him a few questions, like, "WHAT THE F**K WERE YOU THINKING?!"

    Like I said in one of my posts a few weeks ago, my problem with Sarah Palin's (or anyone else's) God is they won't talk to me. If these people want to bring God into the political realm, s/he sure as hell needs to start showing up for the debates so we can ask them questions too.

  5. People who trumpet "turn to God!" only mean a very specific Christian god, too. That is what really grates my cheese. Turning to Hindu gods? Nope. Turning to a goddess? Nope! Turning to the Unitarian Universalist god? Oh no. Turning to the Catholic god? Surely not. Turning to a Hellenic or Norse god? Get right outta town.

    Unless you are turning to a white supremacist demiurge, you aren't turning to God at all. Of course! My bad. I thought I remembered something about religious freedom but that's just silly.

  6. Ironically, these same people rant against a mosque at Ground Zero.

  7. If you use Firefox you can get a tool from called "Talon" that lets you do screenshots to then submit. It is a great free tool!

  8. That guy needs some new friends...

  9. Ahab: It is easier to just "leave it up to god."

    I kinda wish these people would do just that. STFU and leave it up to god.

    CD: It *would* be nice for him to show up and tell us once and for what the fuck he stands for. Or she. Or it. Whatev.

    Diana: I know. Scarily enough, people believe "freedom of religion" means I'm allowed to believe in any god I want (snort) but I'm not allowed freedom FROM religion.

    I dunno

    Donna: Eh, the mosque people don't believe in the right god, didntyaknow? the muslim god is *cough* too violent and extreme.

    David: Oh! thanks :D

    TJ: haha. If he does then so do I. Then again, it seems I've less...confrontationally outspoken friends, if that makes sense. The only one who consistently debated with me or called me out chose to no longer be my FB friend.

    Then again, you may remember that girl.

  10. here's my question - if turning back to god is going to save our country, then who is going to save our country from the believers?

    this post was perfect, lisa. thank you!