Friday, September 17, 2010


Just messing around with some layout stuff. Might take me a little bit, so forgive anything really annoying. Got class to go to in a bit--always pick to do this shit last minute, you know.

So. I love the black background with white text, but I remember from before that this tends to hurt people's eyes.

But people, we have flames now!

Kind of festive, really.

Anyway, suggestions? I don't want to hurt yr eyes.


  1. I'm fine with the flames, but I'm just wondering (out loud): I wonder if any haters will be enticed by this blog layout to tell you that you're going to "burn in hell" as a heretic?

  2. black background also takes less power for the screen - save the environment!

  3. @Andrew: That's part of the fun. Flames are multi-symbolic, especially with Halloween coming up :D

    @Carla: woo!

  4. Oh my god! This is great, and yes, symbolic. Only you may have a problem with lawsuits from TBM's who wander on here and end up having heart attacks. :-)

  5. I like it. And if this is really hell, I think you should also have beer and flattering multi-colored underwear around here somewhere. And don't forget the classic rock 'n roll.

  6. Symbolic of your eternal resting place...see you there.