Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween on Sunday

So, a few thoughts.

First, Halloween is on a Sunday. So obvs we need to stay home and read scriptures and wear ourselves thin going to meetings, yeah?

And if we can fit in some family time, all the better.

But really. A friend of mine says she's staying home Sunday and having the missionaries over for dinner. They'll help hand out the candy.

First of all: CREEPY and omg, missionary moment.

I shall dress as Jesus for Halloween and trick-or-treat her house. Or just do my Polygamous Joseph Smith costume idea. I still kill me!

Second, it reminds me of how, in the beginning, I learned that having a person break the Sabbath for you was just as bad as doing it yourself. You know. My family never got it, but they meant well.

"I need aspirin," I'd innocently (really) think aloud, "but it's Sunday. Sigh. I'll just get it tomorrow."

"You can't get it today?"

"It's teh Sabbath."

"Oh. Well, crap, I'll just get it for you. I'll be at the store anyways."


What would Jesus do?!

I was taught not to enable the heathens, so I learned quickly to just never state that I needed anything--including an oil change on my car because The Lord's Day was the only day my stepdad could manage that.

So anyway, back to my original thought: Is giving out candy on Halloween Sunday along the same lines?

Or is it made better with the missionaries there to hand out Book of Mormons instead of candy?

"Trick or Testimony" perhaps?

OMG, brainstorm!



  1. Of course, giving out candy on Halloween is the devil's work. Allow me to suggest that this Halloween you do like me and retire to your basement where you can spend the hours in productive prayer and/or fervent, but sacred, masturbation to the Song of Songs. Just a suggestion. Take it if only if you don't want to burn in hell. Have a good day now! :)

  2. haha. So funny. I want to see those Jesus and JS polyg costumes! In my 99% mormon neighborhood, they trick or treated last night. Kind of annoyed me, but whatever. I know I'll have more tonight from other neighborhoods. Which annoys me. Why should I have to hand out candy two nights in a row but my kids can only go out and trick or treat one night? Thinking about taking them trick or treating at a friend's in a different town tonight.

  3. Ooh! Trick or Testimony? Isn't that like "Should I be a witch, or should I be a witch?"

  4. OMG, I have so many stories about Mormons and the Halloween "issue." Here are a couple. First off, in my in-laws UT neighborhood, all the little ghost and goblins did their trick or treating last night, so as not to break the Sabbath. As for costumes, I remember ward Halloween parties where kids were marginalized because of their poor choices. This included witches, devil suits, gory mummies, mermaids (indecent exposure) and, yes, dinosaurs! I must add that the dinosaur costumes were worn by two pre-schoolers whose mother lovingly sewed them. They were amazingly well crafted and adorable. So, in addition to the whole evolution issue, they also aroused the resentment of all the RS sisters. "WELL! She obviously has too much time on her hands!" Tonight we're passing out candy here in SF. If the missionaries do show up, they'll get extra candy, 'cause in my neighborhood it would have to be a costume. We'll also be cheering for the Giants -- who are so cool they wear black and orange all year. Wish you were dropping by. Please take a picture of your Jesus and/or polygamy costume and bring it for show and tell at the Ferry Building!

  5. It might be more appropriate to change "Trick or Testimony" to "Testimony or Treat". :)

  6. I think you're right, wave. But I'd totally go for the treat. Unless it was a fucking Book of Mormon, in which case I'd run like hell.

    Donna: hahaha, oh god. they were against the dinosaur? that's awful.

    my stepmom back in the day HATED my devil costume. She's super holy roller, tho.

    If I would've thought about the polygamy costume muchmuchmuch earlier (and a more willing husband), I totally would've done it. So, no pictures. Sad, really.