Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Where DO you like it?

Y'all, this "where i put my purse but i'm gonna make it sound naughty" thing isn't really all that interesting. Let's just be forthright.

Where do you like it?

And by "it" I do mean sex.

I dig the shower, but let's be realistic here, when your shower barely makes enough room for one person, let alone two, it's a bit difficult. Gonna fix that one day.

There's the couch, lazyboy. No experience with tables yet. It does seem a bit icky, but there are ways around that. Not really into the floor scene.

Hot tub/jacuzzi.

I've always kind of liked the idea of doing it outside. In a rainstorm.

Okay, your turn. Even if its only been fantasy, let's get inappropriate.


  1. I'm really boring in this way. Also positions. We generally stick to the bed and have variations of the two basic positions. But I've always wanted to have sex in a cemetery, also outside in the rain. For all our boringness I CAN say that it's always amazing... and I just went into details a bit but that might be too much, so I'll leave it at that. :)

  2. Here's hoping nobody I know sees this ...

    On the edge of the bed with him standing next to it, either me laying on the bed on my back or standing in front of him bending over.

    But honestly, to me nothing is sexier than pushing each other up against a wall and making out.

    I wouldn't want to do it outside, but I kinda think somewhere in public would be hot.

  3. I'd have to say the library has always been one of those fantasies for me. Maybe something ironic like the romantic languages section?

  4. As a librarian, I hold out hope for someday doing naughty things in one of the world's great libraries.

  5. Way to run with the idea Lisa!!

    I'm a fan of the shower, but it's easier said than done...

    Recently though, I've had flashes of fantasy when I've been out trail running.... Just out along the trail, up again a tree, over a rock, or something like that... And of course with the ever present threat of getting caught, or even being spied on!

  6. Chandelle: Eh, honestly most of what I wrote has only happened once or twice. Or unsuccessfully. But I still like the idea.

    Carla: I like the idea of being pushed up against a wall too.

    GMB/Diana: Never had a library thing, BUT I have to admit the public thing...yeah ;)

    UK: The shower is difficult--for us it is because there's a full foot of height difference. But you know, gotta try.

  7. also, details are okay with me but I can understand if it's the issue of, you know, a public blog or your own personal issues against it. :D

    this post also comes from living in a space and over a period of time (membership) where it's NOT okay to talk about this, where anything beyond the missionary position is considered not normal or unnatural, so I thought I'd breach it.

  8. all i can say is that both my kids were conceived at, my boss's just-became-a-citizen party and the other was my brother-in-law's anniversary party.