Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Oh how far we've come.

About 18 months ago, I took a quiz: What Kind of Mormon Are You?

I got this result:

Sunstone Mormon
-4 Orthodoxy, 4 LDS knowledge, -5 Cultural homogeneity

Orthodoxy ranges from (-) anti-, non- and liberal Mormon, to mainstream, conservative, and fundamentalist Mormon (+).

You're on the cutting edge of LDS progressivism. You believe scholarship and change would benefit the LDS Church, but you realize that your place in Mormonism is marginal.


So I was going over my last blog yesterday, rediscovered this quiz, and thought I'd take it again for kicks to see how I've changed with regard to it. This was my new result:

Son of Perdition

-11 Orthodoxy, 5 LDS knowledge, -16 Cultural homogeneity

Orthodoxy ranges from (-) anti-, non- and liberal Mormon, to mainstream, conservative, and fundamentalist Mormon (+).

Chances are good that you enjoy the category this quiz put you in. You enjoy thinking about screwing on LDS property. Sometimes you bust out arcane LDS doctrine just to blow some Mormon minds. Missionaries are baffled that you could know so much about their church yet reject it entirely. You hate Mormonism and love every minute of it.

Interesting. Though I don't think I'd like to screw on LDS property. That's a bit too dirty for me, thx. And I'm not exactly the angry anti-type unless I run into an asshole. Even then, I know there's nothing I can do and it's a waste of my energy. Also, my FIL houses the sister missionaries. I do like to mess with them, but only subtly and only when they start in on me. They think there's a chance for us and when they express sentiments I like to put in a few words here and there to let 'em know we're not fresh meat. They're very nice, though. Really, I don't mind them at all when they're not waxing poetic about church--and even then, it depends on what they're talking about. After last conference, the last thing I wanted to hear was how inspiring it was. So, really, for sisters, they seem pretty normal

Rather than waste my time in endless LDS debate, I'd rather just have a drink and watch some rated-R movies. Not for the violence, no, but for the sex.

Of course.


  1. I resigned this summer and I got radical mormon...yours is way cooler.

  2. I also got Radical Mormon, which I thought was way fun.

    People like you have been excommunicated. In fact, you might be personal friends with some of them. Your feminist/liberal/revisionist/free living lifestyle just doesn't click with most Latter-day Saints, but you don't think that's necessarily a bad thing.

    This was the pic:


  3. Wow! I ended up a mere Apostate when I took that quiz. I am in awe of you Lisa!

    How Mormon Are You?
    Donna took the How Mormon Are You? quiz and the result is 10% (Apostate)
    You know know quite a bit about Mormonism, but reject the teachings. LDS members would consider you to be dangerously close to ending up in "Outer Darkness" (i.e., the Mormon version of hell). Your anger towards Mormonism may leave you connected to the religion more than you realize, thus earning a 10% rating.

  4. Hmm...awesome quiz. Not quite happy with some of the options for answers, but overall pleased with the outcome(And the picture):


    Blissfully nonMormon

    -5 Orthodoxy, -1 LDS knowledge, -20 Cultural homogeneity

    You don't hate Mormonism or anything; to each his own.

    Giving up sex, alcohol, and 10% of your income to a church that puts saccharine "family" commercials on TV just seems like a bad deal to you.

  5. Yes, if you don't believe their teachings or believe you should follow their rules, then that of course means that you hate the church has you've made it your mission to destroy it. Duh.

    I like the picture though. Rockin'

  6. Yeah, Carla, I don't really get the angry-anti result either, but y'know. Cool picture.

  7. The quiz is not able to make the conclusions it does it terms of motivations and affection level towards the church. To do that, it would have needed to have asked questions about perceptions of the Church, and it does not. It only asks things in terms of how orthoprax and orthodox a person is. In terms of utility, therefore, the test is very limited.

    But, the pictures are fun!

  8. I got "Radical Mormon" (huh???); went back and re-took, tweaked a couple of answers (didn't agree with all the options), came up with "Son of Perdition." Does that mean when I die I'll be cursed with a penis? It'd be cool for long hikes but otherwise would definitely put a hitch in the git-along.

  9. I'm assuming the red woman in that picture is the Scarlet Woman from the Book of Revelation?