Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Best costume idea EVER

Eric didn't think very much of my totally inspired idea--mostly because we were on the hay ride at the pumpkin farm and he doesn't like to talk shop in front of people who might recognize him. When we got back in the car he laughed but also had that "omg lisa, you're gonna piss someone off and i dunno if you really want to" face on. Again.

don't tell me if this idea has been thought of before. i don't want to know.

Okay. So he'd be Joe Smith or Brigham Young then me and, like, thirty other women and girls could dress up all pioneer-like and BE HIS WIVES.

Tell me that wouldn't be amazing. I dare you.


  1. Love it! LDS Inc. would no doubt love the publicity, too (heh).

  2. Ummmmmm yes. That is fecking awesome.

    I will stick with my Tenth Doctor costume this year, though. :B

  3. OMG! Brilliant! I may have to pull this off with my wife and kids sometime. 3 daughters, and I'm sure my 2 sons could be convinced to cross dress, to give me a grand harem of 6!!

  4. OMG I would so come up and dress up for that one...

  5. My friend and I totally wanted to do that, but we couldn't get a guy to be our husband. :(