Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Not a deep post, but funny. Haha funny.

So I'm sitting here, eating my salad, getting ready to take my boy to school and I decide out of boredom to look up the profile of a girl with whom I had a bit of a tiff some months ago over me making fun of Glenn Beck.

She took it personally. Even said so.

I know, shock.

So I look her up today because, while we struggle to get along, I don't have all bad feelings for her. She amuses me more these days than not. And, you know, I run into her sometimes. I can't be all mad and whatnot--not worth it.

Anyway, she's a "very conservative" LDS Glenn Beck tea partier. Got that?

Her status the other day:

"Why do schools teach collective obedience rather than individual responsibility?"

I dunno, H. Why does your church teach the same?

A reply?

"For a long time now school has been a system of indoctrination, not education."


They go on to bitch about government. No surprise. While I agree with my limited knowledge that government is fucking up our education system, it's likely not for the same reason this girl thinks.

I just found the irony amusing.

Especially when you consider that "big government" has a striking, striking similarity to how the LDS church is structured.

End LDS rant.


  1. when indoctrination is for the One True Religion, it's "educating the youth to stand a chance against the world."

    when indoctrination is for something sinister like evil public socialist schools, then it's indoctrination.

  2. Kind of like the folks who consider socialism to be pure evil, and yet raise their hands, bow their heads & what not to covenant to obey the law of consecration...

  3. That's rather amusing. Almost as funny as my Catholic friends claiming to be uber-Catholic but talking about welfare as if it's the devil. Even the most basic explanation of Catholic Social Doctrine says governments have a responsibility to ensure the redistribution of wealth.

  4. "H" would probably be all for the inclusion of LDS doctrine in the public schools. Like Andrew S said, indoctrination is OK if it's for the One True Religion.

  5. UK: dude! i know! god that one always gets me mad. "and consecrate everything you have to the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints"

    not to god! the church.

    anyways, andrew and donna: YES. if it's LDSisms or Glenn Beckisms, it's education.


    If it's stuff like "science," hearing the "president" speak, reading (gasp!) books that might make a person uncomfortable but teach them something valuable, history NOT interpreted by glenn beck, then it's indoctrination.

    y'know, those damn progressives. they're everywhere!

    and yes, it's totally different than the church because the church is led by a prophet and the prophet is ALWAYS right.

    no! really! he is! isn't it wonderful that we have one on the earth today?!

    also (and again), same girl that told me she was glad to have never taken critical thinking classes because "look what happens!!!!"

    so, critical thinking = indoctrination.

  6. carla: oh! i know. same thing here. "welfare is bad! medicare is bad! don't suck off the government!

    ...but, uhm, have tons of kids before you can afford them. There's always welfare, medicare, and WIC! it's okay if you use it because it's a hand up. it's a hand out for everyone else.