Thursday, November 11, 2010


I've concluded that being Mormon sets a person back about 5-10 years. At least. More the longer you're in. The more Molly or Peter you are.

I mean, seriously. Eric and I are just discovering some of these shows.

At first we watched That 70s Show but quickly decided it was rather unworthy for our delicate eyes and ears. We didn't really subscribe to cable back in those days as it was, so it was that or Dharma and Greg which as I remember was a fantastic show.

But I digress.

These days we're watching shows like Arrested Development, Flight of the Conchords, catching up a bit on South Park (at least I am--it was brand new for him), Curb Your Enthusiasm, Big Love, True Blood, etc. The Tudors. There's more. I just can't think for shit lately--but you get the idea.

GOOD SHOWS. And movies, too. I gave up on good movies right around the time that American Beauty came out. I was in my room when my family watched that show because I knew it was unworthy. God. Still have yet to watch that one.

I don't get it. We were too busy watching crap reality shows when this stuff was on. Stuff we never would've watched.

At least we had Gilmore Girls--when Rory and Paris didn't have their little girl-on-girl kiss during Spring Break. Like Seinfeld when they weren't having "The Contest"--which we now find absolutely hilarious.

I know in the eternal scheme of things this is rather lame, but I'm just now getting all the one-liners.

My favorite so far:

you know what time it is when i'm down to just my socks? it's time for business. that's why they're called business socks.

A friend of mine had the last bit on her MySpace page. I didn't get it. I thought she was being random. No. Flight of the Conchords. For reals, people. Watch the show.

Then again, maybe you already have.

Or not?


  1. Yep, this happened to me. That spring in undergrad when I decided to chuck everything, I watched every single Al Pacino movie in a week.

    And then I watched everything else I'd ever wanted to see. And now I'm addicted to True Blood.

    STAY MORMON GUYZ otherwise you'll wind up adoring bisexual vampires.

  2. I'm pretty boring -- watch Animal Planet/Planet Earth -type programs, 48 Hours, 20/20, Dateline. That video is hilarious though. Now I'll have to check out Flight of the Conchords ...

    And I have to confess, I LOVED Seinfeld when I was a Mo but when I saw the "Master of My Domain" episode I was so offended I boycotted it for several months. Jesus.

  3. There's also "The Life and Times of Tim" but I think it's off-season right now. Hil-fucking-larious.

    Diana: I know! So much to catch up on.

    And no worries, CD. Eric and I boycotted it too after seeing that episode. Sigh.

    FotC is one of those shows that I don't think lasted very long but totally should've. You can NetFlix it (not instant), though, if you have that.

  4. I wonder how many Mormons didn't watch The West Wing because it was about democrats. haha, bad joke.

    What bothers me the most is that movies like Schindler's List are forbidden for many Mormons, movies whose point is specifically to condemn evil acts, because of an arbitrary (and quite simply stupid, usually) rating from the MPAA. Argh.

  5. oh! you want to hear REALLY STUPID?

    (btw, I agree with you--i was one of those people, totally thinking people who watched "some" R rated movies were totes unrighteous despite good material and message)

    So, I know someone very close to me who said, after I suggested that Twilight's last movie Breaking Dawn could easily and probably should be rated R (you know, to be halfway decent), "I hope not because then I won't be able to see it!"

    IT'S TWILIGHT. Shit!

    Mind of your own

  6. My goodness, this is so true for me. I already had Gilmore Girls. For me, it was Family Guy then Big Love then Queer as Folk (not great, but an eye-opener for a Gay Mormon Boy). Lately, it's been Sex and the City and Project Runway. They were always appealing, but "too gay" to be acceptable programming.

    Daria is also a forbidden pleasure. Too sarcastic for my family's taste.

  7. omg, daria. my *favorite* show when i was in high school. so amazing. my kindred spirit.

    we've sex and the city in our netflix queue along with a ton of movies that have since passed (gonna see American Beauty, Lost in Translation, etc)