Friday, November 5, 2010

Animals on Logs

Y'all have to read this. It might piss a few of you off, but jesus:

From STFU Conservatives (I lurve the STFU tumblrs) regarding a Creation Museum exhibit:

When the Flood destroyed the world's forests, it must have left billions of trees floating for centuries on the ocean. These log mats served as ready-made rafts for animals to cross oceans. These paths of ocean currents, carrying those rafts, would explain (similar animals and plants on opposite sides of oceans).

I'll let you all react on your own. I can't without sounding like a self-righteous bitch.

ANYWAY I saw my former Stake President the other day as my son and I entered a grocery store. One of the kindest men I know, but I freaked out. I avoided him so he wouldn't recognize me.

WTF, everyone? He's my ex-roomie's FIL. Surely he knows something? He wouldn't be anything but nice, I'm sure of it.

I dunno. I don't get it. There are very few people, if any, who elicit reactions like that from me anymore.

Also: Headed to the Post-Mo gathering tomorrow in San Francisco--looking forward to meeting Donna of the hilarious Ward Gossip, woo!

What's weird, though, is that my kids are staying with my SIL while we're gone. I love SIL to death, as some of you may know, but they're pretty stringent about church and stuff and the kids will be there tomorrow. They know they're going to church, and they're okay with it. Which is cool. I don't want to freak out. Abbie had a bit of a freak out at first, but I let her know it was okay. I don't want her to fear or hate believers (as long as they're respectful and don't tell her she's going to hell--because then it's on, bitches). But that doesn't mean I'm not uncomfortable with it. Maybe we'll talk about it the next day.

I wonder if my mom remembers as clearly as I do the day she asked me how I'd feel if my kids one day decided to be Jehovah's Witnesses. I told her I'd deal with it, which is all you can do, but I have the same thoughts today about whether they'll ever decide to "return to their roots" in a sense. I wouldn't know how to explain it to them, to warn them. This is just something you have to learn on your own, but it can be such a costly lesson.

They all remember church. The older two especially, but Joseph too. I fully expect for us to be outed this weekend, especially since Abbie has decided she looooves coffee and will tell anyone about it (she never gets more than a sip or two, but she loooves it). They'll likely also tell someone or a few someones in the family that we no longer attend or that she's not getting baptised (which is totally okay with her--she's never ever looked forward to that) since she'll turn eight in about six months.

It should be interesting. But good, too. They need other kids to play with.

For me, I'm just looking forward to a break. First I'm going to visit a friend and then hopefully hang with some awesome folks at the Ferry Building tomorrow close to the Wharf. You should stop by if you're close--the gathering will be from 2-4pm. I'll likely be the shortest chica in the room.


  1. Can't wait to meet you too. I hope a bunch of people come. Also sorry about icky encounter with former SP in market!

  2. On the STFU post: what the fucking fuck? ...there are no other words.

    I'm sorry I can't make it down to SF. Our car is busted as you know. But it would be so awesome if you could make it to the party next month.

    I felt tremendous relief when we moved away and never had to second-guess Saturday night sleepovers anymore. I worry about our kids growing up and joining a church, either LDS or any other, frankly. But I'm trying to prepare for our kids to be opposed to everything about us, since that's what we're doing to our parents. Karma, y'know. :)

  3. Donna: Thanks :) I just don't know why it was such a strong reaction. Weird.

    Chandelle: I know. I had a ton of words for it--it's just...I mean...weren't the animals on the ark and the rest died in the flood? There are so many other problems with that. SO MANY. Also the "well it must have" language--I don't get it. If the museum were closer I might go just to see it for myself and blog about it. I'm fascinated by that stuff, but I hear it here too from my own family. When I'm not laughing about it I'm seething. Bah.

    Yeah, stupid car. And you're not feeling well. I talked with Eric and he's all for going to the party--I think anymore it's a matter of getting a babysitter secured.

    And yes, karma. I know. I'm preparing for it too and doing whatever I can to avoid the backlash if we're too much against religion. That would make their rebellion in that regard a guarantee.

  4. Well, the way I heard it, when Jesus and Adam/Michael created the earth they gathered materials from other worlds where dinosaurs live. Hence all them dinosaur bones. Because there is no freakin' way this world is over 10,000 years old -- and certainly not the millions and billions of years old all those so-called rocket scientists claim it is. That would be too weird and way too far-fetched. So yeah, I get the log rafts. Because animals would totally jump on board and sail across the oceans without stocking any food or fresh water. Where is your faith??