Monday, November 22, 2010

Default Worship

A common meme I've heard often lately is that those who do not believe in god must worship something. You know, stuff like mammon, money, cars, status, etc. Satan.

But srsly, I must be doing something wrong because I'm at a loss. I need something to worship, y'all.

Well. Maybe lately it's Jonathan Rhys-Meyers and Natalie Dormer.

Jesus. I'm gonna be so sad when Anne is beheaded. Henry was cuter when he was all punch-drunk over Anne (I know! I should be PISSED for Catherine, what an amazing lady and what a fucker Henry was--but he still loved her. You could tell. In his weird, narcissistic kingly way), and I can't...ugh. Anyways. Maybe it's more Anne. I wanted to kill Henry when--

Well. Watch the show. And don't judge! My love for the couple is irrational and goes completely against my values--

--Wait. Do I have values anymore?

Anyway, what has filled your void as far as worshiping goes? Are you power-hungry? Bow to the coffee gods? Football? I think my husband worships his fish. Damn fish. Should've known better than to get that initial "family" tank. Family tank, indeed!

What else is there. Oh who the fuck knows. Apparently humans just worship. They just do.


  1. Writing. And books. Civil rights issues. I'm a total heathen for gay rights.

  2. just found your your honesty about swearing...and your well placed fuck words.

    default worship...yup, we (I) do that...but then what? trying to figure out what the next idol will be...done the money, women, vehicles, land, VEGAS, family, religion, work, education,...etc, etc. when you find out, please let me know cause I'm god damned and interested!!!

  3. Er... Mormons don't worship. They learn the mysteries of godliness, receive saving ordinances, and half of them (the ones with penises) acquire priesthoods and keys, which are thought to be the power of God. Church is a tool for personal progression, a kind of travel aid on the long road to exaltation (becoming a god). The worship of God has absolutely nothing to do with any of this.

  4. MoHo: While debatable, I wasn't speaking of Mormons, they were never mentioned specifically. Please remember I come from Protestant family/history as well. My subject matter stems from various areas not exclusive to Mormonism as I find myself, as described above, recovering from Christianity.

  5. And thank you, Montello :D Welcome!

  6. ZOMG I love The Tudors. Natalie Dormer is on my gay list. I was so sad when Anne died. Have you gotten to Catherine Howard yet?

    Ummm. I worship books. Actually on my Facebook as religion I have "bibliolatry".

  7. I should have added the smiley face. My mistake. :- )

  8. MoHo: As much as I trust my sarcasm radar, it is a bit off these last few weeks or so. Smiley faces should *never* be required. My husband wondered if you were kidding or not, if it helps. ;)

    Diana: Tomorrow night when we watch another round, Anne will be beheaded *sniff* so no. We're just hitting Jane Seymour who is NOT as gorgeous as Anne. Team brunette!

    I love books and writing as well, but at the moment my attention is so divided I can't really say I worship anything specifically.

  9. Loki. Always and forever. Except when he doesn't answer my prayers the way I want.

    Seriously though - distraction in general. Anything that distracts me. Usually online. I worship all things that are digital distraction. And once a distraction gets boring, I move to worship the next one. I'm kind of a slutty follwer like that.

  10. I've really had to think hard about this as I have not considered the possibility that I worship anything. A few ideas are slowly starting to germinate. ...

    Now that I no longer have any moral standards almost all my sacred/worshipful moments involve chardonnay and pretty underwear. The rest involve good books and/or beer, preferably together. Oh, I also order this Brazilian coffee from ebay that is nothing short of divine. Now that I think about it, a tight ass -- either gender -- evokes tears of appreciation and inspires deep feelings of gratitude.

    I *would* worship Satan if he would only bother to give me the time of day. Seriously. Where the hell is he?

  11. If Mormons worship anything, it's those geriatric GA's in SLC. They can do no wrong. Why else would people line up outside that conference center to get into those biannual drone fests.

    As for me, I'm thinking really good food and wine, coffee, and great writing with well placed f-bombs. (Good job, Lisa.)

  12. A.L.C.O.H.O.L.


    Okay, even as a history teacher who knows how it actually goes down, I l-o-v-e the Tudors. Just remember when you're watching....... Henry was already over 200 lbs and growing by this point!!

  13. I know. Seen the pics. I don't know nearly enough about the Tudors (enough to, you know, understand Henry VIII had something to do with the Reformation becoming so big and that Anne gets her noggin chopped off), but this show makes me want to learn more than I wanted to before. Any books you'd suggest?

    Really, I'm kinda considering a History minor. I love this stuff, and it fits in nicely with English/literature.

    I'd rather pretend everyone looked like these characters do. Good God Jesus Christ almighty, yum.

    As far as alcohol goes, it's been giving me a headache lately. Not cool, booze. Not cool.