Tuesday, November 16, 2010


From "It Can't Happen to Me," James E. Faust, Liahona July 2002

History is full of examples of men who were gifted and able but who, in a moment of weakness, threw away their promising lives. King David is a tragic example. As a youth he was handsome, brave, and full of faith. He slew the frightening giant, Goliath. He became king. He had everything a man could desire. Yet when he saw Bathsheba, he wanted her even though she was another man’s wife. He had her husband, Uriah the Hittite, sent to the front of the hottest battle so that he would be killed. Uriah died in battle, and David married Bathsheba. As a consequence of this evil deed, David lost his spiritual inheritance. 3 For all the good David accomplished, much of it was negated because he allowed himself to succumb to a serious personal flaw.

Does this sound familiar to ANYONE ELSE?


  1. It's not perfect but it still made me giggle.

  2. You couldn't possibly be taking about Joseph Smith...right? I mean, sure he sent the husbands and fathers of women and girls away on missions to get in their wives and daughters' pants...but I really see no connection here.

  3. You're right Foxy, that's not similar at all.

  4. Yes, and Joseph only had one wife right? -- He said so himself. ;)

  5. I've actually heard Sunday School discussions explaining that David would not have lost his salvation but for the fact that he was effectively guilty of murdering Uriah. The fact that he banged Bathsheba was not the real issue. I mean, she was merely a woman, another in a long line of vaginas, after all. Not like real person.

    I'm not aware that Joseph Smith had anyone killed. Therefore, he's fully justified in banging all those women, including other men's wives. His calling and erection is made sure. Obviously. (Yes, the pun is intended).