Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Call for Help: Creating Avid Readers

My students are bright and inquisitive about the things that interest them. Many of them come from lower-income neighborhoods. They have been told that their voices and opinions don't always count because they don't have lots of money, or they don't speak English fluently. But they have a fire in them to be heard, and they have a curiosity about the world. They are just now learning how valued and important they are, that their choices matter, that they have a right to know things about their world. - Ms. B, Creating Avid Readers

You may remember some months ago when I plugged a project of a long-time friend of mine, a teacher down in Austin, Texas. After the success of said project (asking for help in acquiring a variety of fiction books to appeal to her specific student demographic), she's now hoping for help in acquiring a variety of non-fiction books for her students.

And today is her birthday.

Anyway, if you have the extra cash and willingness (these kids need support), please visit her project page at DonorsChoose.org and donate whatever you can to help. One dollar, five dollars--whatever you can. The site makes payment really easy, and you don't have to make an account to do so.

Speaking as the wife of a teacher and friend of many teachers, our educators severely lack support, financially and otherwise. Consider making this your monthly charitable action, part of your Christmas giving. I know many ask for money (god do I know--daily emails) and that it can be overwhelming especially during this time of year, but check it out. Discovering a love for books, discovering knowledge, can not only change the life of a child but of those who the child comes in contact with as they go through their lives. It's a well-known saying, but it doesn't mean it isn't true: knowledge is power.

Thanks so much  <3


  1. thank you, wonderful friend. such a great birthday gift. love love love...

  2. Thanks for sharing this, we'll check it out. It definitely sounds like a better place to spend tithing money!

  3. What a lovely project! Books were my sanctuary when I was a kid. In many ways they still are. I will give her site a look.

    BTW, just finished "Speak." Loved it. Powerful. Inspiring. Thank you for the recommendation. And didn't you say this book was banned? Unbelievable. I can't imagine why. It is empowering. Every young girl should read it.

  4. CD: SO glad you enjoyed it. I'd tell you the reasons why but I do believe your head would explode. Has to do with "sexually overt scenes" and bullshit like that.