Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Modesty is annoying.

"This would be a great dress if it had a bit more dress, you know?"

I heard this statement last night more than I ever want to again during a shopping trip with a few active friends of mine (family). One hunted for dresses in particular at Forever 21 (and Target, both decent places for clothes).

I thought a few of these were fantastic dresses. A few were a little iffy, if you're not into showing a little cheek. But you know, whatever. She looked good.

Seriously. ENOUGH.

It sounds so holier-than-thou. Especially when said dresses hit you mid-thigh. Mid-thigh! And she could pull it off. If I could pull of some of these dresses, you can bet your ass I'd be in them. Be in them while you can! Hell, I've got at least one now. Can you say "cleavage"? HELL TO THE YEAH.



  1. Right here with you, Lisa. I confess that when I left the church I had a mild case of I'M GOING TO WEAR ALL THE CLOTHES NOW. It calmed down pretty quickly, but it helped me to realize that yes, now I can wear what suits me. I love halter tops in particular because they suit my shoulders, and I love shorter skirts and shorts because they suit my legs. I am more apt to try on items that I would never have considered before--both "modest" and "immodest". I think "immodesty" has served me better than "modesty" ever did. Before I was only concerned with whether something covered what it was supposed to. I was supremely unfashionable and had no personal style. That has definitely changed.

  2. Yes it is annoying and often not attractive.

    My Foxy's wedding dress was beautiful, but it was absolutely stunning on her fabulous figure before she had to have it altered to comply with temple-worthy requirements. So glad she no longer believes in that shit.

    She has excellent fashion taste and I knew garments had to be a huge compromise for her. They are so effing ugly. No wonder so many Mormon women quickly deteriorate into dowdiness.

  3. SIL, just a few years younger than me, said "the older i get, the less i want to be noticed."

    as if dressing according to what is flattering is dressing to be noticed? i don't know. modesty = not being no..

    i have no idea. even back in her rebellious (certifiably rebellious) days, she didn't dress like, say, paris hilton. you don't have to.

    and they want to help me shop for clothes. i'd love to take them, but i'd end up getting old lady clothes because i'm not yet ready to acknowledge to them directly that, you know, i reject their stringent standard of modesty and how i don't want to be in straight-up mormon mama clothes. i'd rather save my money.

  4. Yeah, that "modest is hottest" argument makes me sick -- does anyone really believe that?

  5. Donna, sister-wives believe

  6. I think I just hate the word "modesty" and further hate their definition of it. There's just no room.

    I mean, shorts are immodest. tank tops are immodest. thighs are immodest. shoulders.

    wooh! i'm getting all hot and bothered. 'scuse me.