Thursday, December 9, 2010

I want this sign

I saw a sign like it at my uni's bookstore as a christmas decoration, and you can bet your ass I almost bought it. Don't know why I didn't. Probably because it was just for Christmas and green and red doesn't exactly go with my intended kitchen color scheme (red, white, black). But stuff like this will.

Now if I could get the addendum for tomorrow we die.



  1. Love it. I'm not a bumper sticker person but might make an exception for that one and another one I saw in Wyoming a year ago: "Vote Republican. It's easier than thinking."

    If someone would make non-adhesive bumper stickers or those non-adhesive plastic decals that I could stick on the back window of my car I would be all over that. You know, so I could remove them and rotate at will. Hmmm. Maybe I should start a new business. Oh, and you know those obnoxious stick-figure families that people put in their back windows? I think it would be hilarious to create a parody of that idea and include more interesting diversity ...

  2. In case either of you are interested... I have a vinyl business I run on the side. I usually do event type jobs, but Mrs. Koda loves the home decor stuff, and... We usually do stuff for friends at no cost - Karma has been good to us with that kind of thing...

    So Lisa - if you want a nice "Eat, Drink and Be Merry" sign, shoot me a message on Facebook, and I'll hook you up!

    Cog Dis - I'll see if I can find a non-adhesive solution - all my stuff now is pretty sticky though, and requires a razor to remove it.