Saturday, December 4, 2010

Contacting Spirits

When I was in the third grade, a kid brought his Oujia board to school. A few of us joined him in a hidden corner during recess. It was cool. And creepy.

When I had a chance to ask it a question, I asked "Will I ever be rich?"



My dad lost it when I told him about it later that night. He didn't think much of me conversing with the devil. I really, really scared him.

Anyway, I pretty much stayed away from that stuff afterward. During our 6th grade week-long field trip the girls in my cabin (not including one unbelievably religious girl) played a game of "light as a feather." I didn't play because they weren't really my friends and the game freaked me out a little bit. Maybe in part because the way my dad reacted a few years before, and part because I was afraid it would work. I still can't bring myself to do that "Bloody Mary" thing (is that right? something like that). I should probably do it just to get it out of my system, prove to myself it's not for real. I'm pretty superstitious, though. I like believing in the supernatural stuff. It's fun.


Yesterday my kids pulled out our small card tables and covered them with their blankets. This morning I walk in to Jason's complaints that Abbie was contacting spirits (via her snow globe).

"They're not real!" he said.

"Leave her alone," we told him. "She's fine."


That was weird. Still, I wondered how I'd react if I discovered one day she was doing some of dat witchcraft on a more...intense level. I had a friend who, prior to joining the church, engaged in that stuff and wouldn't speak of it. It freaked her out.

Yeah, I believe in that stuff. Not on a general level, but I tend to believe something odd is going on (but not without the realization that there is probably-maybe another explanation?)

So I dunno.

Still, my non-reaction was kinda cool. Yet, before, I would've felt compelled to respond (because y'know, as a god-fearing girl/parent i have to), but I never knew how to explain it without sounding like an idiot. Like I was encouraging my kids to believe in ridiculous things. Like they were going to look at me like this: O_o?

Projection, much?

Kind of like how I could never quite relate the story of Joseph Smith or Moroni or whatever. It just...sounded ridiculous.


  1. I played that Light as a Feather ALL.THE.TIME when I was a kid. I totally worked - I loved it!

  2. Yeah, me and my sister and cousin did "Light as a feather, stiff as a board" and Bloody Mary. My mother would probably have laughed if she found us playing with a Ouija board then, but she's way more uptight now and if she knew I read Tarot she would flip her wig.

  3. Bloody Mary in the dark bathroom mirror always freaked me out.

  4. I remember using the Ouija board to score girls. "Do you want us to make out?" And then "feeling" the handle magically tilt towards YES. Worked every time...

  5. LOL @ "using the Ouija board to score girls."