Sunday, December 12, 2010


Y'know what's annoying?

Going shopping for your mother/MIL and finding a totally hilarious book that you know they'd love EXCEPT IT SAYS "FUCK" TOO MUCH.

Therefore, even if they did like it they'd get this disappointed/weird/this-isn't-worthy look on their faces. EVEN IF THEY DID LIKE IT. They might read it in a distant, dark corner and giggle, but they'd repent later.

Which they would. Eric's stepfather would love it, especially, but he's weird. He's irreverent and mouthy one minute and the next he's being preachy. But I know they'd secretly love it, which is why I want to get it for them anyways, but Eric's pretty sure it's too much. Which it probably is, but for reals.

Dudes. I get that sometimes overuse of the word can be too much and unwelcome, but this shizz is funny.

And these people difficult enough to shop for, anyway.

I'm still tempted.


  1. i'm kind of interested in the history of profanity, the evolution of it. it's something i consider a lot when i'm thinking about books for my classroom library. i have no answers, but lots of compelling questions, i think.

  2. you always turn my weird posts into something that could've been more compelling :D

    i'm interested in it, too. i've spoken with a few who have somewhat a knowledge, and they all conclude that "words are words"--but then you have to consider ethnic slurs, the evolution of ableist words into commonspeak--the fact that one word in America = a swear in another country.

    I should do a post on it. Lazy lazy tonight.

  3. We used to have the same issue with movies. Have you seen any good movies lately? "Yes...but not for you..."

  4. TJ: Me too.

    "Read any good books?"

    "Actually I have, but you probably won't like it."

    "Why not?"

    Depending on the person asking, I might freely tell. Otherwise I just mumble and regret mentioning the novel at all--tends to make me feel self-righteous. But seriously, they're the ones missing out. A few "fucks" (verbal or action) ruins for them a novel that often speaks volumes. I think that says a lot about how the church teaches how to react to other people: shun them for a few words or actions, even though as a whole they may be the most amazing people you'll ever meet.

    But you won't know that if you can't get past the swearing or instances of immorality.

  5. Amen. And I know a select few who won't do any PG-13 movies to "avoid all appearance of evil" and "since they've counseled against R-rated movies, to 'not be compelled in all things' we should go the extra mile."


    On that vein, I have a few movie suggestions for you from the 2000's that I generally heard negative comments from my Mormon friends or movies I just couldn't suggest to them. Of course, I give these without first knowing your movie genre preferences...

    Movies: House of D, Into The Wild, The Cell, Juno, The Last King of Scotland, Little Miss Sunshine, Crash, Inglourious Basterds (I love Tarantino), Mystic River, The Pianist and I could go on and on. Enjoy those though!