Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy birthday!

It's Joseph Smith's 200-and-something birthday, everyone!

Anyone remember his 200th birthday? I remember being all squeamish. How can they say we don't worship him and then put on that show?

I think I'll celebrate my nephew's birthday instead. Great kid. My 6-year-old son adores him ("he does dangerous stuff!"). He's 12 today.

Oh god.


  1. That clown hat is so fitting. Yeah, they worship their false image of him. Because they sher as hayell don't portray his life accurately.

  2. It's like Cathlics and Mary. Yes, we worship her. Quit babbling about the difference between worship and veneration; nobody is convinced. Just own it already, and stop being such a snob about being monotheistic. Monotheism isn't that cool.

  3. hahaha, it's supposed to be a birthday hat. oh me and my insomnia...

    well, it works either way.

    yeah, it's akin to the "sacred not secret" BS. whatever. it's sacred, fine. but it's one hell of a secret, too. own it!

  4. I know it's a b-day hat but can't you imagine him with a big red rubber nose and a hot pink bow tie with white polka dots?

    He looks like a weasel to me, even in the pics where they try to make him look so spiritual. Yours is much much better.

  5. oh good. it's just you weren't the only one to say "oh look! a clown!" today. i was worried. as for a clown nose and pink bow tie, i'm sure given a bored moment or two i could arrange that with my amateurish photoshop skillz

  6. Haha. I want to see him with the clown nose and bow tie too! Hey wait, did you say he's over 200? Didn't he prophesy that Christ would come again when he was 80? Oops.

  7. duh, Becky. if you look at it just the right way you'll notice that god had a condition on that little prophecy. something about IF JOSEPH LIVED TO BE 80. which, of course, god knew (or should know) he wouldn't.

    so god did some kind of mind-fucking there. like me telling a kid "if i live to be 120, i'll give you a billion bucks"

    neither one is gonna happen

  8. Wait, I thought he was born on April 6th. And that Jesus was also and other Christians were wrong.