Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Self-righteousness is everywhere.


(also, i'm on a f-bomb spree. deal.)

I'm hearing it on both sides about this bin Laden thing. "We shoulld've tortured the motherfucker!" "Let's not take joy in death!"


It's in my sustainability class, too--twelve weeks into this thing and I'm finally hearing something other than OMG CAPITALISM SUCKS AND WE'RE RUINING THE EARTH!!!
Which, fine! you know? if it's true. And I'm not a big fan of our system, but a while of crazy-evangelical preaching that i'm killing my grandchildren gets a smidge old. STFU i can't hear in between your rantings.

Which, I would think anyone whose been through the religious grinder would understand. I want to hear both sides, and every fucking time I say that someone has to get all "well scientists have said..." and I don't fucking care. I WANT TO READ IT. I want to hear about it! If I can't or I'm somehow kept from it, I get really really suspicious. I begin to question. Too many people who ought to know better tell me I shouldn't, that it's bad because the thinking has been done for us.


I also become cynical when a professor pulls the ALL CAPS AND !!!! on me (literally, it's an online course).

I'm just tired. I can only do so fucking much. I want to be happy too, you know? This omg we're gonna die!! shit isn't good for a girl like me.

But it's a fine line, isn't it, between faith and evidence. There's only so much you can do.


  1. YES!!! I'm currently working on a blog post about this. Sort of. About how people need to step out of their comfort zones and honestly look at both sides. Try to figure them out. LEARN something. I'm trying not to sound like a hypocrite, too. Because, although I've studied stuff to become more aware/less ignorant about some things, I have no intention of studying others. Ramble over.

  2. As a stake president who is full of humility I agree that self righteousness is a big problem these days, even within the one true church of our Lord.