Friday, May 6, 2011


I'm so wired these days.


And spending money like we have it. Which, btw, we don't. But it's little things. Always little things.

Like a book! Y'all, I've been jonesing for this book for...ever and because I can never ever go to the store for "one thing" I found myself in the book department (because I live in a shitty city with NO BOOKSTORE) and found my book!

Not "Annie," though I do so much want to read that book. I do love me some controversy.

This one, Forever by Judy Blume, has it's own controversy. It's been on my mind for a long, long time. I've denied myself because I'm afraid of a few things:

1) I'm easily influenced by books, and I think this one might be too closely related to my story I've been working on forever that won't leave me the fuck alone.


2) Uhm. Jesus, I forgot. Well, I don't have the time for it right now. But #2 was something else.

It's a miracle if I've written anything semi-coherent. I think my mind gave up once I sent in that gigantic (for me) rhetorical analysis paper. Which I got an A on, thankyouverymuch.

I have so many blog topics on the brain right now and while I might have some time to write them, I don't feel like I can. While it may seem otherwise, I do care about writing a semi-decent post.

One and a half more weeks, kids.

I'm looking forward to summer. Not the heat--dear god, the heat--but, you know, chill time.

But I always idealize shit like this. I hope this summer is more fun.

Oh--my girl turns 8 next week. First--weird. Second, so far: nothing. Not since the "omg your sweet daughter of God is turning 8 let's get her dunked." Then again, the mass stake baptism kids day for her doesn't occur until the first Sunday next month, so we'll see. It seems the higher ups know where we stand. Our would-be-bishop awkwardly invited Eric and us to church back in April, and Eric said "y'know, that's prolly not going to happen" and the bish said "yeah, I figured."

I'm surrounded by these people and yet so many of them are so goddamn chill. We really hit the jackpot. It makes up for the crappy town. I'm just not feeling it.

Oh well.


  1. Lisa I remember being one of those CTR teachers that contacted "inactives" and tried to get their 8 year olds baptized. -- Makes me sick to think about it.

  2. Yeah. I run into the Primary Prez semi-often, and! she's on my FB list (i didn't realize she was even in our ward--just an old friend/acquaintance/leader/whatev). She hasn't said a word, and this is a woman who is rather vocal in a passive-aggressive way.

    So I dunno. Nothing else yet.

  3. Part of me wants them to bug us. First for the entertainment factor and second because the more we're contacted the more motivated Eric becomes to resign.