Sunday, March 6, 2011

Oh, Mike.

I don't have a hell of a lot of time to write these days--midterms, fat projects, etc--all while avoiding complete freak outs.

But I saw this.

h/t STFU Conservatives.


  1. Isn't Natalie Portman married?

  2. I don't know--apparently not. And I also understand the incongruity here: Portman and her man may have totally planned this pregnancy, whereas Levi and Bristol didn't. But still. It's fucking funny. No Elephant ever came out to chastise the Palins for their child's premartial sex that resulted in a baby they didn't throw up for adoption.

    But if a liberal does, the very fabric of society is being torn apart.

  3. They actually think it's worse to be unmarried and responsibly plan to have a child than it is to be unmarried and stupidly and irresponsibly have one by accident.

    Accidental pregnancies just that mean the couple made a mistake (having sex, not having unprotected sex, but that's OK if you're a Christian, because you've already been forgiven for it, and besides, everyone does it).

    But an intentional pregnancy means that you don't subscribe to their worldview, that you openly reject their control over your life and your sexuality.

    And there's nothing that conservatives hate more than that.