Friday, March 25, 2011


If it's true that inundating oneself with something (cigarettes, candy/junk food) often leads to a distaste and hatred for said thing, then I'm getting there.

I am so SICK of this church shit. The rough draft is due Monday--and it's a lot of work--and I've a linguistics test to study my ass off for, and I'm considering switching subjects.

Seriously. I don't know.


  1. Switching subjects sounds like it might me more work. Maybe put it aside and study for linguistics for a while?

  2. it would be a lot of work. it's just so goddamn irritating to re-read all this drivel. i actually put one down ("obedience: a sacred duty" mother of god) and found something else.

    the scholarly reports are really great, but this ensign/personal blog crap is soul draining.

  3. One of my majors was linguistics. I miss those classes...

  4. oh, kiley, we learned some fascinating stuff the other day about nicaraguan sign language that shed some light on how first languages are *formed*

    omg, just amazing. if we weren't being tested on it on monday, i'd ask my prof for the link/video. you'd LOVE it.