Thursday, February 17, 2011

Update on 30-year-old single guy

He's getting married.

At the end of April.

Now, I'm nobody to speak against fast engagements (do you really want to know how quick my husband and I became engaged? blink. there you go), or fast marriages, but...

after all his doubts and hesitations?

She wants a quick marriage. Every LDS girl does. I did. Hell, I wish we'd have gotten married on our terms and done it three months earlier, but whatever. I get it. Pants, they want to get off already.

I dunno.

I hope it works out for them. I really, really, really do.


  1. Yikes.

    My BIL just announced that he is getting married. He's your typically 24-year-old BYU student, his fiance will have JUST TURNED 20 a week before their wedding. She's been engaged once before - the wedding with Old Beau was set for late August of 2010, and she will be married to a new guy less than a year after calling off the last wedding. Yeesh.

    Just have sex already. So many bad marriages could be avoided if people would just get the built-up sexual tension taken care of long enough to realize that they aren't compatible as human beings.