Sunday, February 20, 2011

It begins?

So I don't know the timeline as my landline answering machine fucks up the dates and whatnot, but.


While I studied in my room yesterday, our RS president stopped by, wanting to meet me. DILF told her "It's probably best if you don't come back."

I was both disappointed and glad I was away when she came by.

Then, just now, my son noticed that we had some messages on our answering machine. He keeps a sharp eye for this. He presses the button, and I immediately hear the word "Sister" and a familiar last name. I listen. This woman wants to "become acquainted with me" and gives me her phone number.

I figure she called before she came over? Who knows.

The next message is from her as well. "Don't mean to bother you again," she says, and then repeats the same shit she said on the last message.

My oldest is about to turn 8. We've already received the letter about it, and now this stuff. I understand from the message that "Sister" So-and-So is new to this calling, so she may just be super-zealous about bringing inactives back, but I wonder if it has anything to do with my kid not being baptised unless someone does something.

I just hated it. "Become acquainted with you." Uhm. I don't do assigned friends, but thanks.

I still can't get used to being on this side of the fence.

It is weird, the reactions you have to these things. I kind of want her to call again. I'd like to tell her that I'm sure she's super nice, but there's nothing nothing nothing she can say or do to bring me back. I'd love to tell her I'm resigning soon. I'd love to tell her I've already resigned, because I worry that telling her I haven't yet will give her some kind of hope and we'll receive EVEN MORE attention--but if that happens, we'll just send in the letters. I'm not okay with this. I'm just not.

God it's weird the way these stupid things affect you.


  1. I'm a new reader and thought I would finally leave a comment. One thing I wish is that my non-denominational church had an official way to resign. As it is, I'm trying to figure out a calm rational way to tell my family that I no longer believe what they do.

  2. I am sorry. They don't realize that if they just backed off more of us would stay on record. How annoying. They don't care though. In or out they shove you off the fence.

  3. I used to think there was a thin line between reactivation efforts and stalking. Now I just think it's stalking.

  4. I agree with molly. I used to see the reactivation efforts as unhelpful but well-motivated. Being on the other side of the fence now, they are just stalkerish.

    Are you guys planning on sending in your letters?

  5. I hate to say "I told you so" was inevitable. When your kid appeared on that "Unbaptized Child of Record" report, they saw low-hanging fruit.

  6. I'm just surprised it didn't come sooner. Bit of an insult, really, which I still don't understand, but.

    Low hanging fruit. Over my dead body.

  7. And Clarice, I'm sorry. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. What religion did you grow up with?

    If it helps, I think telling my family (my dad and stepmom, specifically) that I'm fairly atheistic is more terrifying than anything. It's just not easy, and I don't know why.