Thursday, February 3, 2011

Stupid Argument

I just read this one:

A little boy writes God a letter. "God, why do you allow bad things to happen in schools?" God replies, "Dear son, I am not allowed in your schools."

I've heard this a few times but the full impact of its stupidity just hit me now. The first time I heard this, I, too, felt it was powerful. The more I heard it, the less powerful it became. And now it's just stupid.

God stays out of schools because he's not allowed in them? Some powerful god, more concerned with carnal policies than in being there for his children. Priority FAIL.

Also, if only good things happen where God is "allowed" as this meme alludes, can we then conclude that god really isn't allowed in other places, homes, etc? I'm pretty sure there are faithful people to whom bigger atrocities occur than "no [TEACHER LED] prayer in schools." I also know that good things--great things--happen where god isn't allowed.

Really, folks. You can do better, can't you? If anything, this only serves to prove the point.


  1. That is retarded.
    I remember after being told by a co-worker "that's not how god intended it." speaking about homosexuality, I realized that if god didn't intend for things to be this way, they wouldn't be. And who is she to question god? :0)

  2. apparently god sure didn't intend for a lot of things then. dude needs to get his act together if he wants my worshippin'

    it's like this: you want me to believe in your god? at least respect my intelligence enough to give me a decent argument. i will completely entertain (and genuinely so!) a conversation with someone who knows EVEN A LITTLE of their shit about history and context--but that's rare. This crap is not.

    welcome, btw :D

  3. Yeah that's pretty stupid. It's amazing how many things I used to think were powerful, are now just stupid.

  4. What an irritating quote. The quote assumes that schools will automatically be better if religion is allowed in, which would not be the case in real life.