Tuesday, April 5, 2011

my first screenshot

(awww. get it in now, y'all. you won't be saying that inna minute)

Also, trigger warning.

This was on my friend's wall. It's a link to a local story of an East Indian woman who was carjacked at 5:45am at our local grocery store, taken to another location, raped, and then driven back. The article mentioned that the woman didn't speak English, and the man who kidnapped and raped her didn't speak Punjabi.

Submitted to STFU Conservatives:

Forgive the crazy ass penmanship.

But seriously, the fuck?


  1. oh holy hell ... this is the land of the free, eh?

  2. I bet if she had known English she wouldn't have been raped...er wait a sec.

    Seriously though?? Is that what that person meant?? Ew...

  3. Yeah, those damn Punjabi women who don't learn English and don't lock their cars. They're just asking for it ... from some creepy psycho who's stalking the parking lot at 5:45 a.m. looking for a victim. She should have know better. The poor guy was also probably driven wild by the provocative outfit she was wearing. It's all her fault. //sarcasm off//

    Misogyny is alive and well on Facebook, not to mention fucking morons. They probably go to church, too, where they talk about Jesus.

  4. Seriously this is absolutely awful! Learn English or get raped?! REALLY AMERICA?