Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I don't get it.

The new movement (if you want to call it that) on Facebook is to send your panties to John Boehner for women's reproductive rights.

I guess I don't get the connection.

Then again, facebook movements aren't exactly known for their logic, especially given the fact that tossing your panties at a man is generally considered a bit of a, uhm, compliment. A expression of affection, shall we say.

Really girls? You want to do this?

Have at, I guess, but Johnny might take it as a gesture of approval.


  1. I vastly prefer the movement to send Boehner your used tampons, pads, or jars of menstrual fluid collected from Divacups--or at least photographic evidence of nonpregnancy (as collected by the Unsolved Hysteries Tumblr).

  2. Sounds like a waste of good panties. Just send him copies of welfare documents and medical bills to show him what happens when you deny women vital information about their health and healthcare (like contraceptives and instruction in proper use, which prevents pregnancy, which you know, prevents abortions - not that he'll listen long enough to figure that out). Nothing gets a conservative's attention quite like mentioning "welfare."

  3. We should send him a bunch of boxes of Massengil because that's what he is, a douche. There wouldn't be any misinterpreting that.

  4. Sending Boehner my panties? Ew. I agree. No rational connection there.

    Reminds me of when BACA (Bikers Against Child Abuse) had a fund raiser at a local strip club -- TTT's for Tots. I shit you not. Nothing like exploiting former victims to raise money for current victims. Makes as much sense as selling crack cocaine to parents during Back to School Night to raise money for the DARE program. Disturbing all the way around.

  5. (What the--? I posted a comment yesterday, but it didn't take. Attempt #2.)

    This reminds me of a 2009 protest campaign against the Sri Rama Sena in India, in which women mailed pink panties to the group's leader in protest.