Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My step-MIL

My husband's stepmom is a convert. She served in the Army (one of the branches...can't remember which one). She converted to the church in the mid 90s. She is a survivor of an abusive marriage.

This woman has a mind of her own. Someone you don't want on your bad side, but if you're on her good side she will take the best care of you.

She keeps rum in the house for hot toddies when she gets sick. It makes my FIL so happy (according to Eric. i don't think FIL would ever speak of this to anyone)

And she just told me that the best remedy for a persistent, 3-week-long cough is black tea with honey and whiskey.

I don't know what she's doing in the church. She tells me on occasion in efforts to get me to reconsider church that she goes (which she doesn't. not very often) because she loves the gospel of christ. I imagine she also stays because FIL is very zealous. Very. She is not. But don't suggest that to her.

She also has a list of reasons she "cannot" go to the temple when the family comes up with a trip idea.

I don't understand her, but I'm willing to try her cough treatment. The shit my stupid doctor gave me isn't working well enough.


  1. I think hot water with honey and cinnamon is a decent remedy myself.

    I love your step MIL now. And I also love you for saying "hot toddy."

  2. Her aversion to church reminds me of my own mother -- who would completely deny it but we all knew her "headaches" that often kept her home while we had to go were not real. Yet if we complained of a similar "headache" she would not believe us and guilt us into enduring the hours of sabbath torture and boredom.

    I would totally try her recommended cough treatment. It certainly can't hurt. I posted once about how I found a bottle of bourbon hidden away in the dark and obscure recesses of a bathroom cabinet years after my father drank 3/4's of it to cure a sore throat. Both he and my mother swore it worked where everything else including antibiotics failed.

    I've also heard/read good things about mixtures involving cayenne, honey, fresh lemon juice ...

    Feel better soon, Lisa. Being sick sucks.

  3. Add some lemon juice and it's damn near perfect. By the way, that's also called a hot toddy.